Release-News 2017

Under the hood (tools, darc)


Aktuelle Version ist 1.11.8

- Support for SFTP file transfer
- Support different character sets for zip files
- Optimize checksum calculation method


Aktuelle Version ist 2.18.7

- partial submit
- submit using SSH
- additional AIPCreator implementation with additional checks regarding submit status
- submit in AIPCreatorBasic deletes the original SIP now (i.e. effect is a move of the respective SIP)

- migration keeping original will create subfolder to contain original and derived copy
- support migration from a file to a folder

- remove file content from submitted nodes

Dynamic metadata elements:
- extentNote			EAD:did/EAD:physdesc/EAD:extent[@type = 'note']
- to					EAD:did/EAD:unitdate[@label = 'to']
- from					EAD:did/EAD:unitdate[@label = 'from']
- cartograhicMaterial	EAD:did/EAD:materialspec[@label = 'cartographic']
- codeLocation			EAD:did/EAD:physloc[@label = 'code']
- creator				EAD:controlaccess/EAD:persname[@role = 'creator']
- dimensions			EAD:did/EAD:physdesc/EAD:dimensions
- DOI					EAD:did/EAD:unitid[@type = 'otherStandardIdentifier']
- editionStatement		EAD:odd[@type = 'edition']/EAD:p
- fullLocation			EAD:did/EAD:physloc[@label = 'fullLocation']
- geogName				EAD:controlaccess/EAD:geogname[@role = 'general']
- institutionCreator	EAD:controlaccess/EAD:corpname[@role = 'creator']
- institutionInvolved	EAD:controlaccess/EAD:corpname[@role = 'involved']
- ISBN					EAD:did/EAD:unitid[@type = 'isbn']
- ISSN					EAD:did/EAD:unitid[@type = 'issn']
- placeOfPublication	EAD:controlaccess/EAD:name[@role = 'placeOfPublication']
- subjectGeneral		EAD:controlaccess/EAD:subject[@role = 'general']
- uniformTitle			EAD:controlaccess/EAD:title[@type = 'uniform']
- unitTitleVarying		EAD:did/EAD:unittitle[@label = 'varying']
- unitTitleOriginal		EAD:did/EAD:unittitle[@label = 'original']
- format				EAD:did/EAD:physdesc[@label = 'format']
- size					EAD:did/EAD:physdesc[@label = 'size']
- date					EAD:did/EAD:unitdate[@label = 'date']
- event					EAD:odd[@type = 'event']/EAD:p
- lastname				EAD:bioghist[@localtype = 'lastName']/EAD:p
- firstname				EAD:bioghist[@localtype = 'firstName']/EAD:p
- dateOfBirth			EAD:bioghist[@localtype = 'dateBirth']/EAD:p
- nationality			EAD:bioghist[@localtype = 'nationality']/EAD:p
- sex					EAD:bioghist[@localtype = 'sex']/EAD:p

Default expression for dynamic metadata elements:
	- ch.docuteam.darc.mdconfig.MetadataElementDefaultExpressions.extractDateFromFilename(NodeAbstract)
	- ch.docuteam.darc.mdconfig.MetadataElementDefaultExpressions.extractTitleFromFilename(NodeAbstract)
	- ch.docuteam.darc.mdconfig.MetadataElementDefaultExpressions.extractNotesFromFilename(NodeAbstract)

- eCH-0160 support extended (less restrictive)
- Schema location for PREMIS namespace to explicitly refer to version 2.x


Aktuelle Version ist 1.4.1

- PDF tools converter supports job options
- handle conversions which return multiple files (i.e. folder structure) for a single file

- Support for 3-Heights Document Converter version 4.8


Ruby Webapplication

 - Rollen-/Gruppenkonzept (Mandantenfähigkeit)
 - Load log information per step only when actively chosen to display
 - Delete workflow executions

 - Better performance for DB-resources (large logs)
 - Restarting of failed steps should only be possible/displayed for failed workflows
 - Security issue with blank accounts
 - Upgrade to current Ruby/Rails versions
 - Use puma web server (improve stability and performance)

Mögliche Schritte: Feeder Steps

Java Operations

Aktuelle Version ist 3.4.0

 - file migration:
 		- keeping original will create subfolder to contain original and derived copy
 		- collect conversion issues and return with error at the end only.
 		- save (and close) SIP after migration even if conversion errors occurred.
 		- support parameter to indicate a specific migration configuration file
 - new property to select checksum algorithm for new files
 - new operation to merge pairs of HTML/PDF files into single nodes with PDF and metadata from HTML.
 - use socket streaming for ClamAV in case of remote service
 - remove deprecated mailing properties
 - support additional dynamic metadata elements (see darc release notes)
 - improve eCH-0160-conversion: dont't create intermediary folder when converting to/from BAR-SIPs


Aktuelle Version ist 2.14.12

 - Support additional dynamic metadata elements (see darc release notes)
 - Extended options for submit: partial submit, SFTP, remove original (see darc release notes)
 - Add option to delete sources after SIP creation
 - New property "docuteamPacker.defaultChecksumAlgorithm" to set a specific checksum algorithm (default is SHA-512)
 - Support file migration action (no conversion) with new property to set default behavior (keep/delete original)
 - Run a fixity check on the SIP
 - New report for appraisal, add property to set a external directory for report templates
 - Add export functionality based on EAD using xsl templates (similar reports), uses new property docuteamPacker.exportsDir.[OS]

- Performance/refreshing of workspace table
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