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Curator release notes are split into three categories: new features, improvements and bugfixes. The links point to the descriptions and discussions of the issues directly. Please note that you have access only from inside our network.

Version 5.2.4

Version 5.2.4, released: 14/February/22
This bugfix release primarily improves the stability of the database connection.


  • CURATOR-556 - hibernate initialization problems
  • CURATOR-610 - location management windows correctly shows linked cases, when a location has been selected in mode „view“
  • upgrade dependencies according to PRs from

Version 5.2.3

Version 5.2.3, released: 20/January/22
This bugfix release updates critical libraries.


  • upgrade dependencies according to PRs from snyk (e.g. log4j to 2.17.1)

Version 5.2.2

Version 5.2.2, released: 05/January/22
This bugfix release addresses an issue regarding the database connection.


  • CURATOR-608 - use correct hibernate persistence provider

Version 5.2.1

Version 5.2.1, released: 05/January/22
This bugfix release addresses an issue that caused warnings regarding the database connections.


  • updated Swedish translations


  • CURATOR-607 - curator shows a warning regarding deprecated MySQL driver class when opening a database
  • upgrade dependencies according to PRs from snyk

Version 5.2.0

Version 5.2.0, released: 22/December/21
This minor release adds support for MySQL 8, improves reports and fixes critical security issues in libraries.

New Feature

  • CURATOR-309 - additional reports (landscape) to give more space to reference codes.


  • CURATOR-597 - support MySQL version 8
  • CURATOR-581 - improve performance with large number of files/locations


  • CURATOR-580 - fix PDF report (WithLocations) at search after case, when an AU has several files, each file in another case
  • CURATOR-596 - update mysql jdbc driver to work with java 11
  • CURATOR-599 - upgrade dependencies according to PRs from snyk
  • CURATOR-605 - update log4j to version 2.17.0 (CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-44228)

Version 5.1.1

Version 5.1.1, released: 20/December/19
This bugfix release addresses a few issues to improve the stability of the database connection.


  • CURATOR-581 - improve performance with large number of files/locations


  • CURATOR-579 - avoid org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException at AU selection change.
  • CURATOR-578 - fix error at move AU just after title changed

Version 5.1.0

Version 5.1.0, released: 27/May/19
This is a release for mainly two new features: limiting a search to a certain branch of the archival tree structure, and to be able to link archival units directly to locations. Plus the usual bugfixes.

New Features

  • CURATOR-380 - new filter to limit search to a subtree of the inventory


  • CURATOR-297 - extend GUI to support linking files directly to a location
  • CURATOR-413 - extend GUI to update tree context filter based on current node in MainView


  • CURATOR-510 - fix search for dates to include the entire upper limit year
  • CURATOR-563 - close EAD import confirmation dialog only after tree has been reloaded
  • CURATOR-570 - support redirecting log messages to console appender into SystemOutView

Version 5.0.3

Version 5.0.3, released: 17/April/19


Version 5.0.2

Version 5.0.2, released: 11/Jan/19


Version 5.0.1

Version 5.0.1, released: 10/Jan/19


Version 5.0.0

Version 5.0.0, released: 21/Dec/18

New Features

  • CURATOR-463 - integrate tag functionality to main develop branch
  • CURATOR-409 - adapt curator for authentication with Active Directory
  • CURATOR-482 - add MySQL support for server database


  • CURATOR-527 - add missing features in database selection field for Active Directory
  • CURATOR-533 - show database server in title bar when using Active Directory
  • CURATOR-538 - check if curator-server is available before setting up connection
  • CURATOR-539 - ignore ldap-group-blacklist.xml
  • CURATOR-544 - introduce error message when closing window before process finished
  • CURATOR-302 - adjust label in search view
  • CURATOR-421 - save user information is stored within the user's profile, not the application
  • CURATOR-445 - keep tree position when reload button is clicked
  • CURATOR-446, CURATOR-472 - improve performance of taxonomy handling and taxonomy window
  • CURATOR-484 - improve tool tips for taxonomy buttons
  • CURATOR-507 - refine category filter buttons
  • CURATOR-513 - fix GUI translations
  • CURATOR-532 - enable case insensitive search search in taxonomy module
  • CURATOR-494 - mavenize curator-server
  • CURATOR-495 - increase field size of digital object base url for institution
  • CURATOR-497 - improve logging
  • CURATOR-500 - improve creation of distribution


Version 4.0.0

Version 4.0.0, 08/Aug/18

New Features

  • CURATOR-351 - add taxonomy module for subject and geographical terms
  • CURATOR-352 - add information types „Map“ and „Image“


  • CURATOR-441 - add Java version to exception window
  • CURATOR-443 - display relations with same label in both directions only once in dropdown
  • CURATOR-454 - show warning when information type is changed and there is data specific to the type (image or map) that would get lost
  • CURATOR-455 - adapt label for „Hide field 3.1 on publication“


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