Automated start of workflows with an observer

It is possible to start a workflow or a queue of several workflows with an observer. The configuration has to be defined in the file config\doc_observer.yml.

#development:                    # environment
    directory: /tmp              # directory to watch
    glob: */**                   # pattern for files to watch
    interval: 5.0                # interval between runs (in seconds)
    stable: 2                    # number of runs until a file is stable
    persist: /tmp/dw_state.yml   # path for persistance file

    uri: localhost:3000          # uri for the webservice
    user: user                   # user name for basic authentication
    password: passwort123        # password for basic authentication
#Use one of these configuration parameters to define which workflow(s) to execute
  workflow_id: 3                 # id of the workflow to execute or...
  workflow_ids: [1, 2]           # ...a list of workflow ids to execute

  teardown_workflow_id: 1        # this workflow gets executed when a worfklow in the list failes (used to clean-up, send message, etc.)

  parent: false                  # submit the parent path of the object { true | false (default) }
  absolute: false                # submit the absolute path of the object { true | false (default) }
  extension: false               # submit the filename with the extension { true | false (default) }

The observer has to be started with its label:

ruby lib/doc_observer/doc_observer.rb [observer label]

(whereas the „observer label“ must equal the label used in doc_observer.yml)

A corresponding service or daemon has to be set up to activate the observer.

Example nssm

To create a service with nssm, the following parameters are required:

application path: %APPS%\ruby23\bin\bundle.bat
start directory: %APPS%\feeder_ruby
arguments: exec %APPS%\ruby23\bin\ruby lib\doc_observer\doc_observer.rb [observer label]

(whereas the „observer label“ must equal the label used in doc_observer.yml)

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