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Use your archive!

We have organised your archives, described your records and placed them in containers suited for long-term storage. Your archives are now ready to be used. You will receive your catalogue as a PDF-File, since the catalogue-entries are of course yours. To help you with your queries, you now also have access to our online platform docuteam webgate, on which we publish the password-protected catalogues of archives we have handled. In addition, this wiki will provide you with instructions on how to use your archives as well as further documents concerning archive and preservation management.

How we design and realize a digital archive/digital archives

In addition to paper archives, we also handle digital archives. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive software. You will find all the information describing our technical and conceptual implementation of the reference-model OAIS (Open Archival Information System, ISO 14721) on this page Main page. The OAIS is based on modular functions and areas of responsibility. To comply with this structure, we have endeavoured to implement individual components of the OAIS instead of an integrated monolithic software-solution. These components communicate with each other via interfaces (API) and enable a flexible display of the OAIS. The interfaces are based on international standards, enabling us to interact with third-party-applications in libraries and archives.

User manuals for our software

On this wiki you can also find user manuals to software tools we develop and maintain.

Direct links to important user manuals:

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